Monday, January 26, 2009

Travelog Rediscovered...


Cleaning out 12 years of stuff I have accumulated living here, I came across an old travelog diary I kept when I backpacked New Zealand in 2003.

They say that we have the answers to all of the challenges we face already inside of us...we just need to ask the right questions. Interesting thing is, I'm still asking myself the same questions six years later...and am not entirely sure how I feel about that.

Had I become that comfortably numb? Am I just a lost soul swimming in a fishbowl - year after year [God Bless Pink Floyd] - living the same year over and over again, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day??

Early in my mortgage career I had often questioned if "10 years experience" on my competition's business card meant the same year over and over 10 times, or if my competition was taking the necessary steps to learn, grow, innovate, and remain at the leading edge of their field.

Now I cringe at the thought of how I have spent the last 12 years learning about real estate & finance, and building for the the expense of what lay right before me. About how I created an "Instant Family" for myself at the tender age of 20, wanting so badly to provide more options for my family and stepson that I worked countless hours for the future I dreamed about at the expense of being present with what was right in front of me, what I cared about most...

....and that being said, I would take none of it back.


  1. I loved this entry. I tried to comment days ago but wasn't able due to computer issues.

    I don't think you should cringe at the twelve years you spent "building your empire", or the infrastructure of your life, to include your "instant family". These are all experiences you were absolutely meant to have, and even though you may not perceive how now --- they will factor integrally into what is to come for you. All the tools you amassed in the past, though seemingly meaningless now, will make much sense to you in the future.

    Boy, you're gonna carry that weight a long time. --- The Beatles

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