Monday, March 23, 2009

motorcycle diary


Every Monday should start with a ride through Waimanalo and around Makapuu Point and home to Diamond Head.... even though this morning started in Traffic Court:

Me: " No Your Honor, I did not have insurance on my bike, Yes Your Honor, I have insurance now but only for 3 months because I'm skipping the country so please just sentence me to the gallows now...."

His Honor: "OK, send me a postcard, this job blows....wish I was going around the world!!"


The wind is in my hair, the salty sea spray on my face, the thwop of wind and bike in my ears....*bliss*.... as a grin creeps across my face, I realize that the grimace I see on the faces of other motorcyclists is actually a smile, cleverly designed to keep the mouth closed, and flying bugkill out.

I pass through 'Nalo town and fill up my $3 tank at the gas station while a busload of tourists wanders around the parking lot, clutching their McDonald's coffees and looking for an authentic local tourist experience in the parking lot of a strip mall in Waimanalo. It is surreal.

The road stretches out long and straight along the beach as I clear the town and head towards Sea Life Park. The wind is blustery, the ocean is grumpy and the salty gusts blow the bike all over the road.

The fun begins at Makapuu Point, where the road starts to twist and wind its way around the coast.... I round the lookout point and stop for some pics, then hit the blacktop again towards Sandy Beach, where the road gets really fun:


On a clear day, you can see clear across the channel to the shadows of Molokai and Haleakala looming even larger on the horizon behind, but today the horizon is a haze of whitecaps and seamist.

I crest the hill near Haunama Bay, and the swamplands of Hawaii Kai stretch out before me, now a concrete suburbia crowded around the man-made marina and back into the valleys and ridges of this ahupua'a. Give me the wild, windswept landscapes of the coastal road anytime over a return to civilization and homogenized Costco parking lots.

The rest of the ride home is an asphalt tunnel surrounded by rows of stucco houses and standing seam rooftops hiding behind rock walls with ornate faux hawaiiana gates, Hawaii's own concrete wetlands.

As I pull into the driveway, my welcoming committee scratches at the door to go pee... and then claim his rightful throne.



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  2. Wow, I feel like I was on a motorcycle ride around makapu'u. What a vivid explanation. My face feels cold and tight, my hair feels windblown. You are an amazing writer. So, any more hidden talents?

  3. MKL "Wait till you get a "real" dog . . .

  4. Whew, just amazing!!! Is the bike going into storage whilst you're on the travelling sabbitical adventure?

  5. yes, the bike is just about the only thing i will be keeping so that i have something to ride when i get back to Hawaii...!

  6. Hey there Cuz. Glad to see you're embracing life and enjoying every bit of it! Sometimes we get so caught up in every day life, we forget that we should stop to smell the ocean mist! Living in Hawaii we have that great privelege that we all take advantage of. Enjoy the scenery every where you go, and keep writing, I can live vicariously through you! Love you, ;0)P

  7. I am sooooooo getting a motorcycle once I move to Oahu. Thank you for all the inspiration.