Thursday, February 24, 2011

Passive solar greenhouse design: Bayan Ulgii v1.0

Slideshow designed to use as basis for session on passive solar greenhouse design.

Hand-drawn images are based on student designs from Mongolian Permaculture Project 2010.

Other images selected from Ladakh to show passive solar greenhouse design successfully operating year-round to minus-25C. Students will apply design principles to explore & discuss what can be improved in these designs in order to adapt to harsher Mongolian conditions.

Glass and plastic bottles are available as waste products that are thrown away in the soum; examples of greenhouse, coldframes and cloches made from repurposed waste plastic bottles are shown.

Finally, images of existing greenhouses in Bayan Ulgii are shown, to be used as a class design exercise exploring 'What is working / What isn't working / How can the design be improved?'

Final version will be translated into Russian language, as most residents of Bayan Ulgii are literate in Kazakh, Russian, and Mongolian languages.

Click here to view presentation on Slideshare.


  1. Hello Matthew,

    I am the Mongolia technical coordinator of the NGO GERES which diffused the passive solar design you mentioned in Ladakh ( Actually, we are implementing a food security project with our local partner Caritas France in Mongolia since August 2010. We are experimenting new designs adapted to Mongolian conditions and will construct 180 greenhouses during the next 2 years. We have built a R&D site in Ulaanbaatar peri-urban area. I would really like to discuss more about permaculture in Mongolia with you and you may be interested in visiting us!
    Anne Randall
    976 98080928

  2. definitely very interested Anne, thank you for getting in touch ...will contact you now!