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Useful plants of Mongolia: Crowdsourced!

Resource Alert: Scroll down to the end of this post for a downloadable pdf of 'Useful Plants of Monoglia: A Permacultural Perspective'.

You are invited, dear reader, to participate in an open-source, collaborative project to help conduct detailed research on extreme-cold tolerant plant species which have potential for a wide variety of application in cold climates from Mongolia to Canada.

Dr Beket (the hero of our 'Reforesting the Barrens of Bayan Ulgii' story) and his research team have spent the last few years researching and compiling a list of 146 plant species (mostly tree crops) that can survive (and even thrive) the extreme, sub -40C winters (and 30C summers) of Bayan Ulgii province.

Photo: 'Dictionary of Useful Mongol Plants'

We found the above book 'A Dictionary of Useful Mongol Plants', (Ministry of Nature & Environment and Mongolian State University, 2001) in the ADRA-Mongolia offices during the project consultancy, and used plants listed in this book + selected species from Dr Beket's report to begin the work of compiling a list of our own:

  • 'Useful Plants of Mongolia: A Permacultural Perspective': in which the scientific Latin names are cross-reference with common English names of plant species, while the plants characteristics, funcitions, and possible uses are listed.

Our hope is to create a catalogued database that designers can use to identify suitable plant species for use in their systems - but we need your help.

If you are knowledgeable, or simply want to increase your knowledge of cold-tolerant plant species, and have access to a good internet connection, than you can help to build this database. Choose 10 or more plants from the list below, then download the list we have started compiling (click the 'download' link at the end of this post) to see what information we are compiling, and start your researching & learning! 

Email us at theGreenBackpack [at] gmail [dot] com, with 'MONGOL PLANT DATABASE' in your subject line, and we'll send you an Excel spreadsheet template that you can use to compile your own research.  Don't forget to record the sources of your information, and in return your contribution will be recorded in the published plant list document as it continues to grow and evolve... you can become a Sustainable Overseas Aid & Development Worker (and contribute to the development of Permaculture and Regenerative design in Mongolia) from the comfort of your living room (or favourite local cafe!).

We can change the World, with our own two hands (and a decent internet connection)... one small step at a time.

Useful_Plant_Species_of_Mongolia-_A_Permacultural_Perspective.pdf Download this file
Useful Plants of Mongolia: A Permacultural Perspective', (The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design, and you, 2011)

Dr Beket's (et al) list of potentially usefully plant species suitable for Bayan Ulgii province:

  1. Abies sibirica.Ldb 
  2. Piciea obovata.Ldb 
  3. Pinus silvestris. L 
  4. Pinus pumla./Pall/ Rge 
  5. Pinus sibirica/Rupr/ Maur  
  6. Larix sibirica.Ldb 
  7. Jiniperus sibirica Burgsd 
  8. Jiniperus Sadina.L 
  9. Jiniperus pseuda sadina 
  10. Jiniperus daurica.Pall 
  11. Epedra guisetina.Rge 
  12. Epedra glausa.Rge 
  13. Epedra monsperma./CA.M/ 
  14. Epedra Prezewalscii.Stapf 
  15. Epedra sinica. Stapf 
  16. Barbaris sibirica.Pall 
  17. Spriaea salicifoli.L 
  18. Spriaea aguilegefolia.Pall 
  19. Spriaea hypericifolia. L 
  20. Spriaea media.Shmidt 
  21. Spriaea sericea. Turcz
  22. Spriaea flexuosa. Fisch 
  23. Spriaea alpina Pall
  24. Spriaea pubescens.Turcz
  25. Cotaneaster melanocapa
  26. Cotaneaster iniflora Bige
  27. Cotaneaster mongolica Posark
  28. Malus pallasina Juz
  29. Sorbus sibirica Hedl
  30. Cratalgus Sanuinea Pall
  31. Cratalgus dauriva pedinculata. Pall
  32. Amugdalus pedinculata Pall 
  33. Amugdalus mongolica maxim
  34. Armenica sibiroca dam
  35. Padus asiatecus kom
  36. Roza albertii Rge
  37. Rosa daurica rall
  38. Rosa kokanica Rge
  39. Rosa okyacantha MB
  40. Rosa Acieularus Linde
  41. Rosa laxa Retz
  42. Ribes nigrum.L
  43. Ribes Altissimum Turcz
  44. Ribes rubrum L 
  45. Ribes atropurpureum C.A.M
  46. Ribes diacantha pall
  47. Ribes  graveolens Bge
  48. Ribes pulchellum Turst 
  49. Ribes nispidulum Pojark 
  50. Ribes procumbens pall
  51. Ribes Pausiflorum Turz 
  52. Ribes Fragrans pall 
  53. Grossularia acicularis /smith/ spash
  54. Cargana arbazescens.Lam
  55. Cargana misrophylla pall
  56. Cargana pygmala/ L/ DS 
  57. Cargana Leucophloea Rojark
  58. Cargana jubata /Pall/ Poir
  59. Cargana stenophulla Rajark 
  60. Cargana bangea LDB
  61. Cargana sinosa /L / DS
  62. Cargana brachypoda Pojark
  63. Cargana Korshinskii kom
  64. Hippophea rhamnoides L
  65. Eleagnus moorcrftii walli
  66. Cornus alba L
  67. Sambucus sibirica Nakai
  68. Lonicera altaica Pall
  69. Lonicera Microphulla Will
  70. Lonicera hispida Pall
  71. Rhododendron aureim
  72. Rhododendron adamsii Rend
  73. Rhododendron Parbifolium Adams 
  74. Rhododendron dauricum L
  75. Rhododendron Ledebaurii
  76. Haloxyon omniodendron
  77. Calligonum mongolicum Turcz
  78. Atraphaxis  frutescen L Eversm
  79. Atraphaxis  pungens Jaub
  80. Atraphaxis Virgata /Rg/ krassn
  81. Atraphaxis compasta hdb 
  82. Tamarix ramosissina Lgb
  83. Tamarix gracifis Willd
  84. Tamarix elongota Ldb
  85. Tamarix karelinii Bge
  86. Tamarix laxa Wiild
  87. Myricaria alopecuroidec. Schrenk
  88. Myricaria daurica /Wiild/ Ehrenk
  89. Myricaria longifolia /Wiild / Ehrenb
  90. Ulmus pumila. L
  91. Ulmus masgosara.Hanse
  92. Ulmus propingua.Koidr
  93. Salix jentanra.L
  94. Salix arbuscula.L
  95. Salix  berberifolia. Pall
  96. salix caspica. Pall
  97. Salix dasycloos.Viim 
  98. Salix rorida.Loksch
  99. Salix tenuifolia.Tucz
  100. Salix microstachya.Tucz
  101. Salix caprea.L
  102. Salix /calsia vill/ glauca.L
  103. Salix dahurica./Tucz/
  104. Salix fumosa.Tucz Lakch
  105. Salix pyrolifolia.Ldb
  106. Salix chlorostachya.Tucz
  107. Salix hastata.L
  108. Salix kochiana.Trautv
  109. Salix myrsinites.L
  110. Salix mongolica. Siuz
  111. Salix nummularia.Anderss
  112. Salix vestita.Pursch
  113. Salix reticulata.L
  114. Salix sibirica. Pall 
  115. Salix caesia.Vill
  116. Salix livida6 Whlbg
  117. Salix xerophila.Floder
  118. Salix divaricata. Pall
  119. Salix rosmarinofolia.L
  120. Salix turczaninovii.Laksch
  121. Salix torulosa.Trautv
  122. Salix myrtilloides.L
  123. Salix ovolifolia.Trautv
  124. Salix viminalis.L
  125. Populus tremula.L
  126. Populus suaveolens.Ficsh
  127. Populus lauripolia.Ldb
  128. Populus diversifolia. Schrenk
  129. Populus pilosa.Pehder 
  130. Populus densa. Kom
  131. Vaccinium myrtillus.L
  132. Vaccinium vitis idaea.L
  133. Vaccinaceae uliginosum.L
  134. Betula hippolytii.Sukacz
  135. Betula gmelinii.Bde
  136. Betula rotundifoolia.Spach
  137. Betula fruticosa. Pall 
  138. Betula mandshurica/Rge/ Nakai
  139. Betula microphulla.Bge
  140. Betula platyphylla.Sukacz
  141. Betula humilis Sukrank
  142. Betula Rezniczenkoona
  143. Betula Tauschii./Rge/ Koidz
  144. Betula exilis. Sukacz
  145. Alnus glutipes.Larm
  146. Alnus fruticosa / Rupr/ Ldb

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