Friday, September 23, 2011

Permablitz comes to Hawaii: parking lot is transformed into edible landscape


PermablitzHI is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii's food security one backyard at a time.



Photo: Backyard paring lot behind Sweet Home Waimanalo Cafe.



Photo: In one day, the parking lot is transformed into an edible landscape.

 Hawaii's first Permablitz transformed the parking lot behind Sweet Home Waimanalo cafe into an edible landscape featuring a mandala kitchen garden, banana circle, living fence, worm farm, and an experimental sweet potato stack (for starters):

Plans for a mini-fruit-orchard, shipping-pallet-seating-area, and other goodies are in the works.

Permablitzes are entirely volunteer-based, and are based on permaculture design principles, reciprocity (the more you give the more you gain), and sharing resources. 

Stay tuned to the PermablitzHI website for PermablitzHI #s 2, 3, and 4, coming soon.

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes and workshops, join in the Join Hawaii's Edible Garden Revolution by clicking here.

Special thanks to:

Island Foodscaping, Sweet Home Waimanalo, Sustain Hawaii, Yogarden, Kaleo, Mikey and da Mililani Crew, Chop Chop Media, and our team of volunteer blitzers for your creativity, collaboration, and contributions.  Let the Edible Garden Revolution begin!

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