Sunday, July 5, 2009

farewell Melbourne, hello Sydney!

Theme Song of the Day:
  1. "On the Road Again", by Willie Nelson...oldie but a goodie [what, me cliche'd?]


The road trip up to Sydney feels like the first “real” travel I’ve done since embarking on the GreenBackpack’s adventures. Tassie was fantastic, though at the end of that trip I returned to the nest - Melbourne is a very safe space for me, especially when allowing myself to be embraced by the warm cocoon that is my parents’ house.

I was in shape when I arrived in Melbourne, but six weeks of Melbourne lattes, good Aussie beer, and Mum’s cooking has given me a slight pot belly and atrophied my climbing muscles. In fact I no longer have any climbing muscles and will start again at square one if I am ever to be any good at the sport.

There is so much I want to do in Sydney:
➢ Interview Greendrinks Organizers
➢ Interview Flashmobs Mob
➢ Tango Lessons?
➢ Read Mitchener's “The Source”
➢ Read McDonough's “Cradle to Cradle”
➢ Purchase Tent
➢ Purchase Camera
➢ Purchase Camping Stove
➢ Purchase Battery
➢ Solo Camping Trip
➢ Fish off the Rocks
➢ ESL Certification
➢ Copenhagen Brainstorming
➢ Contact Denmark Artist
➢ Rockclimbing Gym x10? x5 mebbe…
➢ Write Every Day
➢ Work Out Every Day
➢ Book Tickets for QLD, NZ, and Japan legs of the journey


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