Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank You and Congratulations IndieTravelPodcast!

I am truly humbled by all the love and support shown by all of you to help me finish 5th in EntirelyKiwi's competition to win a 3-month blogging trip around New Zealand. Family, friends, and even strangers have posted updates to their Facebook pages, Tweeted in support, and even signed up fellow partygoers on their iPhone - a special shout out and big
MAHALO to everyone on Molokai!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

The top 3 candidates are Aussie Niquel, South African Lindy, and intrepid Kiwi couple Craig and Linda. We closed to within 30 followers of Craig and Linda before their impressive network on Twitter kicked in to pull away. Cat from Canada, who has a shared interest in exploring sustainability through her travels, overtook us in the final hours to give the Kiwis a run for their money ... what an exciting experience!!

For the record, I'm hoping that Craig & Linda are chosen for the job - they are fun, passionate people who have been living their dream of traveling the world since 2006 - what an inspirational example of following your heart, especially in these uncertain times. And if the only thing I got out of this contest [which it isn't] was a couple of awesome new friends, then it makes it all worthwhile!

I'm still recovering from the emotional ups and downs of the last few days [what a ride!!], and am going to take some time out to figure out what's next for me. In my quest for ADVENTURE and opportunities to be of SERVICE, there is no shortage of options; I am truly blessed. There are many gifts and lessons to be learned through this experience, and I would like to take time to digest it all and let them percolate ...not to mention, the creative juices are flowing and I can feel new ideas beginning to hatch! One thing is for sure, I will listen to my heart.

Once again, Thank you for all your support.

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