Sunday, May 9, 2010

of birds and fish and heaven


i learned something today

i learned something about the bird

the bird represents

bridging heaven and earth
the bird goes between both
and is the manifestation
of walking / flying
in both worlds

at the same time

of course we fly
of course we choose the birds
to represent our love

our paths brought us here

right here right now
we learn that we can walk in bliss,
heaven on earth...

right now
its all around us
when we wake up to it

and have the eyes to see
new eyes to see
or maybe...

we remember our old eyes
so that we can see
what we already knew

its like the simple truth that Alex and Jade talk about
the child-like wonder and joy

...heaven on earth...

the big secret
that's staring us all right in our faces

but like fish...
who don't realize they are in water...
because its all around them

so many of us don't realize
we are already in heaven...

...we've been here all along

- May 5th, 2010; Conversations with theLight -

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2010. Here I am, at the dawn of a new decade …indeed, perhaps the dawn of a new age for mankind… I am so honored to be alive at this period in consciousness: the quickening, the awakening, the apocolypse, the enlightenment of humanity - whatever you want to call it.

Mine is a soul who has been here before, who has walked this physical plane before many times, as angel and archangel, as creator and destroyer, healer and warrior, scholar and bard, champion and vanquished, the fallen and the risen… and always, as student.

If change is the only constant, than a constant state of learning is surely the most powerful state to operate from, the NOW that is the moment of POWER.

If we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, then surely we have access to resources far greater and vast than what our physical reasoning, logic and cognition tell us to be true.

I feel myself stepping into my power, accepting more and more each day the light that shines in me and draws others to follow wherever I may lead…

I feel my soul awakening as I surrender to the flow and trust heart and intution.

I feel myself growing smarter with the knowledge and experiences gained over lifetimes, it is more a feeling of remembering and making connections between separate pieces – separate pieces that make sense when light is shone on the links between these memories - many of these things remembered on a cellular level; a deep knowing.

It is a knowing that is whispered gently, the gentle nudge of intuition that we have all felt, a knowing that teaches us that, like a fractal in nature or a mobius strip, there is no beginning and there is no end - the journey is neverending...

The more we learn, the more we know, the more we know what we don’t know…

And the great irony of it all is that we are given exactly what we need to know at any given time, just as we are given no more than we can handle at any given time; so that we can continue to learn and grow each step of the way….

Each of us, having a unique individual human experience, each of us, angel and archangel, creator and destroyer, healer and warrior, scholar and bard, champion and vanquished, fallen and risen… and always, students.

This is the great irony of it all, we run around from day to day, thinking “WHY ME”, “WHY AM I HERE”, “WHY WHY WHY”, as if we were the only person to ever have had their heart boken, or to experience lonliness, or anger, or hurt, or grief …or love …and yet, we have all experienced these things, or will experience these things, because this is all a part of the richness that is… the human experience.

So yes, "Peau", thank you, and ...i concur! Well said:

...all journeys are amazing, whether they include globe trotting or shopping at Target. The magic is everywhere. You simply have to adjust your eyes to see the faeries.

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  1. What a wonderful poem Matt!!!

    I am so lucky to have you in my life in these century! "The magic is everywhere. You simply have to adjust your eyes to see the faeries." I really BELIEVE that.

    I realized that can connect with the ONE's soul no matter where he going. Those love so deep knowing in my heart. It is so natural and truth!

    I love you and blessing!