Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mongolian Permaculture: Day 30 – Sleep and Recovery


Slept all day today. I am buggered!

Huge emotional and physical demand over the last 30 days, not to mention my swollen ankle is throbbing after yesterday’s mammoth 4WD experience.

So nice to be back in familiar surroundings with fresh bedsheets, a nice firm matress, and even had breakfast delivered to the room [I am assuming they did so because of how we stumbled up to our rooms zombie-like at 1 o’clock last night.]

Mind was racing, and body took 2 hours to calm down from the adrenaline of the road, so didn’t get to sleep until after 3am.

Checked on Kat around noon, after I had woken up enough to be coherent, and she had drying, hand-washed laundry strewn all over her nice hotel room. Great idea.

No work today, will just lie in bed, nurse my ankle, and rest my mind.

Happy to have a break, even happier that we will be moving on to the Gobi Dessert soon.

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