Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mongolian Permaculture: Day 5 – On the Road ...again


Six minutes after midnight. Rick and Kat both sick in bed; Rick carsick all day, Kat upset tummy probably from too much meat in our diet [she is vegetarian!].

Our driver, Ingktor, has put in a massive 13 hours behind the wheel, including stops at an ancient Mordor-ish volcanic crater, clever evasive action around the spectacular White Lake to avoid paying a dodgy road toll, lunch in another lun [beef soup with beef bits and beef dumplings with a side of fried beef flatdumplings], I forget how many emergency stops for Rick, our fearless and very carsick leader… Ingktor calmly overtakes masive Russian roadtrains on thin ribbony gravel roads, splashes easily through countless stream fords, plunges from spectacular dip after spectacular dip into yet another endless meadowy basin, all the time navigating the maze of dirt tracks that make up the Mongolian countryside – no roadsigns out here…

Now Ingktor is snoring away in his corner of our ger, crisp and cool outside, warm enough to sleep in boxers inside thanks to our stove.

Bek and I tap away at our keyboards in the darkness, dogs bark in the background and a cat wails every now and then outside.

Epic scenery all day, we watched a man and his wife gallop across the plains alongside our 4WD for a slow-motion moment that stetched for an eternity, a movie these plains have been watching for over a thousand years.

Tired and in need of a good stretching session and some deep sleep. Sorry Gang, I’ll probably be snoring like a chainsaw tonight…

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