Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bastama School, Final Design Site 1. (Day 12)

Students were given final design tasks today, 3 different client profiles at 3 separate sites:


Client profile 1, Bastama School Gardens (semi-fictitious):

  • 600 students, ages 6-18 (grade levels 6-12)
  • Heard about greenhouses, but not sure where to start / how to use / build / operate
  • Not sure where best site for garden plot would be
  • Want to integrate gardening into learning cirriculummn, including science, ecology, maths, geography, and history
  • Would like students to be able to taste what they grow, from plot to plate
  • Would like more trees on-site to create areas for students and parents to relax & enjoy
  • Would like to include eggs in school lunches to boost children's nutrition

Design Brief:

  • Create school garden that is productive, functional and educational. 
  • Incorporate chickens & a greenhouse into your design.  
  • Find ways to link to link the garden design to the classroom & cirriculum.


Photo: Dr Beket's design team at Bastama School.


Photo:The design team interviews Superintendent Bolathan and School Manager Bahithan.


Photo:Children play football in the dusty schoolyard.

Photo:Dr Beket and Superintendent Bolathan put their heads together to evaluate a potential site for a combined greenhouse and chicken run.

Photo:School gymnasium with clasrooms in background.  Schoolyard soils are bare and rocky.  Dr Beket's Tree Project can be seen to the right. 

Photo: Design team and heads of Bastama School (L to R): Janat (NGO), Doc (ADRA), Dr Beket, Superintendent Bolathan, School Manager Bahithan, 10th Grader (and translator) Moldit, and Guliya (World Vision).

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