Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Tilyeubek' hasha, Final Design Site 2. (Day 12)

Students were given final design tasks today, 3 different client profiles at 3 separate sites:


Client profile 2, 'Tilyeubek' (semi-fictitious):

  •  Married, head of household (43 years old)
  •  Wife + 3 children ages 21, 19, and 1 (older children are studying away from home)
  •  Job takes him away 2 weeks /month
  •  Makes good money, but is paying & saving for children's education - not much left over.
  •  Wife enjoys baking, especially apple-cakes.
  •  Wants to invest in cost-effective, energy-efficient greenhouse.
  •  Is a smart man, and wants to beautify hasha for his wife.
  •  Plans to open a shop in streetfront, and wants to differentiate from competition across the street.
  •  Owns veggie plot with family in countryside; has root cellar under shop for storage.


Design brief:

  • Design a hasha garden design that is functional, productive, beautiful, low-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient, and meets all of Tilyeubek's stated needs. 
  • Create a microclimate for growing the region's apple variety, and beautify the entrances to the family compound and shopfront. 
  • Incorporate chickens & a greenhouse into your design.




Photo: Inside front entrance to family compound.

Photo: Tilyuebek's youngest daughter and friend greet us in the hasha courtyard.

Photo: Future site for streetfront shop.  Walls will be rebuilt so that door is accessible from street.

Photo: Entrance to root cellar from inside shop.


Photo: Tilyeubek Kapu, youngest daughter, and neighbourhood child.

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