Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Design Presentations: 'Tilyeubek' hasha (Day 18)


Photo: Mereut's design team (L to R: Altangerrel, Janargul, Mereut, Bakhitgul, and Makhabbat)

This design demonstrated a solid understanding and integration of premaculture principles and concepts, with some creative flair thrown in for good measure!



Highlights from the design:

  •     Vegetable garden beds in shape of Eagle and traditional Kazakh dombrah design, to increase edge & beautify space during winter (when gardenbeds are bare).
  •     Greenhouse attached to house to create warm airlock to home entry, and utilize household heating system to potentially extend growing season year-round.
  •     Basic preliminary composting toilet design separating liquids and solids; liquids are diluted and used in drip irrigation system as fertilizer.
  •     Rainwater catchment tanks from rooftop.
  •     Clustered animal shelter design to maximize heating efficiency and manure collection, including baffled-wall-and-stove backup heating system.
  •     Composting area next to animal shelters to provide additional biological heating.
  •     Manures stored on animal shelter rooftops for easy access & insulation (this is common in Kazakh family compounds).
  •     Chicken run opens to mini food-forest and mini apple orchard.
  •     Flowerbeds surrounding shopfront entrance to entice customers and differentiate from competitor's shop across the street.
  •     Greywater mulch pit system in 'dead space' behind house.
  •     Super-efficient rootcellar layout and design including portable worm farm which can remain active during winter.
  •     Summer greenhouse / coldframe attached to summer ger (yurt).


Improvements suggested by Instructors:

  •     Triple-check with client before deciding that old buildings on-site can be replaced with gardenbeds! (we found out that it was an option he was considering)
  •     Build Eagle-gardenbed on mound to eliminate parallax error and create additional microclimate for apple orchard.
  •     Use appropriate design conventions to convey information effectively (3-D view is appropriate for only certain scenarios).
  •     Umbrella shading wormfarm is cute, however a stronger design is needed to prevent your worms from taking an unplanned Around-the-world-in-80-days type journey with the next gust of wind.
  •     Improve chicken shelter design with deep mulch self-composting system, and do not place food and water under roost!


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