Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Design Presentations: Bastama School (Day 18)



Superintendent Bolathan was so pleased with the design that Dr. Beket's team presented, that he asked if he could take the plans back to Bastama School with him.  Of course we said yes!


Highlights from the design:

  •     Flower beds planted along school entry to attract beneficial insects and prospective parents.
  •     Experimental summer veggie garden plots for all grade levels, including outdoor learning areas.
  •     Stone pathways laid along major energy flows to beautify, and increase thermal mass on-site.
  •     Greenhouse built onto south-facing wall of school gym to tap into existing heating system for possible year-round production.
  •     Chicken house (complete w/ incubator) installed adjacent to gymnasium furnace room.
  •     Winter chicken run opening into heated greenhouse.
  •     Ideas to integrate learning from classroom to greenhouse, including ecology, maths, science, biology, geography and social studies.
  •     Mini-food-forest windbreak long sheltered western perimeter.
  •     Rooftop water catchment to feed flowerbeds, tree crops, veggie beds, and greenhouse.
  •     Detailed, 3-year rotation composting toilet system designed.


Improvements suggested by Instructors:

  •     Flowerbeds extended to any available edge to increase insect diversity and visual appeal.
  •     Summer vegge gardens planted with IPM species around perimeter.
  •     Consolidate composting area and root cellar into heated greenhouse to maximize efficiency.
  •     Create mobile chicken tractor using rope netting to weed & fertilize tree plantations and summer growbeds.
  •     Extend food forest into northwest corner, which is empty if composting area & root cellar are consolidated into greenhouse.   
  •     Composting toilet system simplified to better match local culture.


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