Thursday, March 10, 2011

Design Task 1 (Day 10)

Students were grouped into three teams and assigned a simple design task for the site we located during our scouting / resource inventory day.  The site selected was chosen for its similarities to the typical site ADRA staff will be working with when implementing SEAL project deliverables over the next 4 years.

Photo: Students survey the site for their design briefs.

Three different (fictitious but realistic) client profiles were created for the site so that designs would vary according to the needs & objectives of the each:


  • Single female, head of household (36 years old)
  • 4 children, all under 14 years old
  • Works whenever and however she can find work
  • Passive solar greenhouse beneficiary (ADRA will finance design & construction this Spring / Summer)
  • Children enjoy eating eggs & apples
  • Currently food insecure, especially during Spring months


  • Married male, head of household (30 years old)
  • Wife + 2 young children
  • Has good job which keeps him away from home at least 2 weeks / month
  • Keeps 2 goats for milking
  • Owns vegetable plot in the countryside with family
  • Needs storage for root crops over winter (approx 20 tonne capacity)
  • Wants to build greenhouse for year-round production


  • Single female, head of household (40something years old)
  • 3 children, ages 16, 12, 8
  • Works as school cleaner, makes enough money to feed family but nothing left over (food secure)
  • Keeps 1 cow for milking
  • Passive solar greenhouse beneficiary
  • Good relationships with neighbours, especially other female heads of households
  • Looking for ways to earn more income

Photo: Typical Kazakh house, made from earthen building blocks made from local materials.

It is 9pm as I type, and students are still in the classroom (after taking a well-deserved break for a two-hour, impromptu-round-robin basketball tournament this afternoon and reconvening at 7pm); they tell me they will be there until 10pm, but judging from how competitive this afternoon's sessions were, I would not be surprised at all if they are there until much later.

We look forward to seeing the design presentations tomorrow.

Photo: Makhabbat takes notes.


Photo: Mereut interviews the owner.


Photo: Bakhitgul ponders as Dr Beket looks on.



Photo: Ardakh discovers a brassica seedpod.

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