Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Guguan' hasha, Final Design Site 3. (Day 12)

Students were given final design tasks today, 3 different client profiles at 3 separate sites:


Client profile 3, 'Gugan' (fictitious but realistic):

  •  Single female, head of household (40something years old)
  •  3 children, ages 16, 12, 8
  •  Works as school cleaner, makes enough money to feed family but nothing left over (food secure)
  •  Keeps 1 cow for milking
  •  Passive solar greenhouse beneficiary
  •  Good relationships with neighbours, especially other female heads of households
  •  Looking for ways to earn more income


Design brief:

  • Design a hasha garden design that is highly functional, productive, cost-effective, energy-efficient and can be maintained & developed by the client and her children. 
  • Incorporate chickens & a passive solar greenhouse into your design.  
  • Create a viable microenterprise for Gugan to earn extra income from her home compound. 
  • Use succession planning to present your design in four phases, to be implemented over four years.


Photo: Final Design Site 3, located on outskirts of Ulgii City, approximately 3,000 square meters, water table is 20m below surface.

Photo: Two of three existing houses on-site.

Photo: Drainage ditch leading up to third house on-site, currently used as wintering residence for nomadic herder family.

Photo: 3rd house, traditional Kazakh construction.  Ger frame can be seen in storage to the right.

Photo: Mereut, aka 'Gugan' in front of her home.


  1. wow! Looks amazing out there. Good to see permaculture being propagated in Mongolia. Any chance of seeding the project to Ladakh/Lahaul and Spiti?!


  2. actually, i think permaculture is already on the ground in Ladakh... see: